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Travis Longcore | USC Spatial Sciences Institute Architecture Faculty Tree Canopy

Tree People (Mr. Moran USC). Conversation 2018 with Dr. Curry Dean Architecture Department and Dr. Knott of

Price School.

I have been discussing this Urban GeoSpatial model with Department Sanitation and Environment related to work in

MacArthur Park and Watershed Measure W using VCAP

This was discussed Thursday night @ LF_LA thought leader Workshop @ Glumac (engineers) .

Where is carbon storage local to reach net zero in Basin.



What aspects of this presentation would be most useful to wcaec, volunteers? I'm having a

tough time piecing together a systematic component level map that can be referred to when

adding resources.

I'm stuck a bit on funding and would like to get others focused on it, more. I just came

across: and would like to be able to work on

budget details for wcaec that include a range of potential funding sources. Not sure how much

more of this un-organization I can continue to go along with. we have to move beyond the

conversation phases. 

Preparing Study for Opportunity Zone Fund in South Los Angeles.

Checking the many California Climate Initiatives in the South Los Angeles Area using Geospatial Opportunity Zone

Site set up by State of California.